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Jazgot Dance Theatre

Koniec Końców Koniec

In the End Is the End,
photo Tomasz Ginter, Aneta Bułka

Koniec Końców Koniec
In the End Is the End,
photo Tomasz Ginter, Aneta Bułka

Jazgot Dance Theatre has been active since 2012. It is a group of highly creative people whose goal is to realise artistic projects, convey thoughts and display emotions. They want to move, annoy, scare, provoke to think and enter into a dialogue. The members are all passionate about dancing. The theatre has produced numerous etudes and two full-length shows.


In the End Is the End


Jazgot Dance Theatre


  • Aneta Bułka choreographer

Performance synopsis

We are born into a society that, from the very beginning, imposes rules according to which we are supposed to live and act. Life had been prepacked for us. From start to finish, we more or less consciously agree to these conditions. The triptych presents life as a competition, an endless pursuit. It is an exhausting, frenzied effort of modern people who strive to achieve professional and material success, thoughtlessly participating in the race for "more and higher". What will be the end for you?

Duration50" Crew *12 Artists11
Premiere 2021-10-02, Bełchatów
Audienceeveryone (regardless of age)
    strobe lights

* cast plus technical support

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