About us

The polanddances.pl website, a joint project of the National Institute of Music and Dance and the Adam Mickiewicz Institute, was created with the aim of promoting Polish dance abroad. We want to make a single place that will gather and provide all the information about the current activities in Polish dance. This place will be a base for Polish artists, producers, institutions, producers,  informal groups and non-governmental organisations that are active in the field of artistic dance.

A single website with all the data gathered in one place will make it easy for the foreign audiences, critics, curators and producers not only to familiarise themselves with the up-to-date repertoire and artistic offers but also find the contact details quickly.

We offer the applying artists, producers, institutions, informal groups and non-governmental organisations an opportunity to present themselves at a separate subpage providing an overview of their activities, address and contact details as well as information on one selected production from their current repertoire along with promotional materials (photos, trailer).

Declaration of Accessibility
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