Sara Kozłowska

“Let’s talk about us” was created by three dancers and a musician accompanying them in live performances. The creation has been supported by the Artistic Scholarship of the President of the City of Łódź 2021 and the Spaces of Art Łódź programme.
In their daily lives, they follow their own artistic paths, exploring those things that touch them the most. They had met with one another in various configurations and artistic collaborations, but this production has gathered them all together for the first time.




Let's talk about us


Sara Kozłowska


  • Sara Kozłowskadirector
  • Kacper Klimczakchoreographer, dancer
  • Sara Kozłowskachoreographer, dancer
  • Dawid Marzecchoreographer, dancer
  • Paweł Odorowiczmusician
  • Tomasz Krukowskilighting director

Performance synopsis

“Let’s talk about us” is a performance based on events that must have happened somewhere. It is an allegorical story about joy, sadness, love, regret, loneliness and friendship. A multidimensional story closed off by the four walls of a cosy room. It connects and interweaves the theme of relationships with our own real, personal meeting, accompanied by live musical commentary.
We perceive and listen to each other, we move and experience each other.
It is an invitation to a journey.

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Duration 49 " Crew * 6 Artists 4
Premiere 2021-12-19, Łódź
Audience dorośli
  • none

* cast plus technical support



Premiera spektaklu została zrealizowana w ramach Stypendium Prezydenta Miasta Łodzi 2021 oraz projektu Przestrzenie Sztuki Łódź 2021
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