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Physical ArtHouse

Ukochany kraj, umiłowany kraj

My Beloved Country,
photo Dorota Bulińska

Ukochany kraj, umiłowany kraj
My Beloved Country,
photo Dorota Bulińska

Physical ArtHouse has been operating and developing in Zielona Góra since 2010 under the artistic direction of Marek Zadłużny.
The aesthetics of Physical ArtHouse embraces the trends of both minimalism and organic movement characteristic of physical theatre and selected contemporary dance techniques.
In the summary of the artistic season in 2016, Physical ArtHouse was recognised by Dziennik Teatralny as one of the most promising independent theatre groups.


Body IQ Festival
2021, Berlin
DansPlat Skog
2019, Skog
DansForum Vikjsefors
2019, Viksjefors

My Beloved Country


Physical ArtHouse


  • Marek Zadłużny choreographer/dancer
  • Gabriel Zaborniak assistant choreographer/dancer
  • Radosław Bajon costume designer/dancer
  • Kalina Grupa dancer
  • Natalia Hass dancer
  • Marta Pelińska dancer

Performance synopsis

Evil can grow. We allow hate and intolerance parades to take place in the streets of democratic countries in the name of democratic liberties. This is a bad sign. And this is not democracy, because democracy is not about allowing evil, even the smallest one as it may grow without being seen to do so. We have to teach in schools, in kindergartens, in universities that evil is evil, hatred is evil, and that love is a duty. Marek Edelman, 2005

Duration40" Crew *6 Artists6
Premiere 2021-06-25, Zielona Gora
Audienceeveryone (regardless of age)

* cast plus technical support

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