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Eve and He

Ewa i On

Eva and He,
photo Tomasz Tarnowski

Ewa i On
Eva and He,
photo Tomasz Tarnowski

Iwona and Paweł's project started in Wrocław with an open improvisation, and it later evolved into several storytelling duets. ‘Adam and Elf’, ‘Pablo & Iv’ and ‘Eve and He” were created successively. For each, the complementary and enriching music was created by Marcin Janus. These duets always refer to a relationship between two people, but explore different personalities, languages, constellations and music. The establishment of the characters and their interactions are set according to improvisations. The score sets the framework, which has a strong connection to the music.


2019, Białystok
2019, Kraków
2019, Połczyn Zdrój

Eva and He


Iwona Olszowska, Paweł Konior, Marcin Janus


  • Iwona Olszowska Creator
  • Paweł Konior Creator
  • Marcin Janus Co-creator

Performance synopsis

‘Eva and He’ is a duet of structured improvisation performed by Iwona Olszowska and Pawel Konior, with live mixed music by Marcin Janus.
The scenario serves as the base structure of the theme, while the dancers create a constant composition according to the story score. The score sets up the framework of the dancers’ presence, actions, movement and dance expression. As they come into relationships with each other, images, pictures and short stories evolve. ‘Eva and He’ is an impression freely connected to the motif of Adam and Eve.

Duration45" Crew *4 Artists3
Premiere 2017-06-17, Kraków

* cast plus technical support

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