Ośrodek Praktyk Choreograficznych

Dance Theatre Workroom has been operating and developing in Zielona Góra since 2010 under the artistic direction of Marek Zadłużny. The aesthetics of the company collide with the currents of minimalism and organic movement characteristic of physical theatre and select contemporary dance techniques. At the same time, its work is based on the foundation of structural improvisation, which is the company’s original, dynamic and powerful style of choreography.


Residency performance at DansPlats

2019, Skog

Residency performance at DansForum

2019, Viskafors





Center for Choreographic Practices


  • Marek ZadłużnyChoreographer

Performance synopsis

It is easier to admit, even to yourself, that you ‘date’ a person or social group than that you despise them. The phenomenon of hate speech has serious consequences, which are often overlooked or belittled by defenders of naively understood freedom of speech. The reaction to hate speech amongst minorities (ethnic, sexual etc.) resembles a reaction to any other traumatic experience and can lead to depression, learned helplessness, addiction and even suicide attempts.

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Duration 25 " Crew * 11 Artists 10
Premiere 2017-03-18, Green Mountain
Audience wszyscy (niezależnie od wieku)
  • nudity

* cast plus technical support



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