Komuna Warszawa

Komuna Warszawa is one of the most important independent avant-garde theatres in Poland. In its original, text-based works, Komuna Warszawa explores key issues of the contemporary world, ceaselessly seeking new forms and means of expression. Komuna Warszawa has taken part in some of the most important festivals in Poland and the world, performing at such venues as La MaMa in New York City, HAU in Berlin or 104Centquatre in Paris.


Performing New Europe Festiwal / SZENE Salzburg

2020, Salzburg



Body Parts


Komuna Warszawa


  • Ramona Nagabczyńska Choreography
  • Mateusz SzymanówkaDramaturgical support
  • Agata SiniarskaDramaturgical support
  • Jędrzej JęcikowskiLighting
  • Nagi GianniProps, video
  • Philippe RiéraArtistic mentorship
  • Ramona NagabczyńskaText
  • Witek OrskiPhotography
  • Jakub de BarbaroGraphic design
  • Grzegorz TomczewskiProducer

Performance synopsis

‘Body Parts’ is the outcome of a choreographic fascination with the face. The performance looks into both its anatomy and physiology and its ability to be an ever-changing image which generates meaning, emotion and identity. Traditionally, the face is considered to be the interface of a human being’s psyche and its discourse is charged with romantic phrases. Meanwhile, as with any other body part, its use and reception changes under the weight of history and specific cultural norms.

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Duration 45 " Crew * 3 Artists 1
Premiere 2019-11-09, Warsaw
Audience dorośli
  • vulgarity

* cast plus technical support



Premiera: 9 listopada 2019 Komuna//Warszawa Produkcja: Fundacja Burdąg Partnerzy: Centrum w Ruchu, CSW Zamek Ujazdowski, Buda Kortrijk, Lubelski Teatr Tańca, Tanzfabrik Berlin, Komuna//Warszawa Zrealizowano ze środków Miasta Stołecznego WarszawaArtystka wspierana jest przez apap Network-Projekt finansowany w ramach programu Unii Europejskiej „Kreatywna Europa”
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