Karolina Wyrwal

Double Trouble

Double Trouble,
photo Adam Ciereszko, Polski Teatr Tańca

Double Trouble
Double Trouble,
photo Adam Ciereszko, Polski Teatr Tańca

Karolina Wyrwał majored in Movement Studies at the Northern School of Contemporary Dance (Leeds, UK) and graduated with 1st Class BAHons in Contemporary Dance. In 2008, she joined the Polish Dance Theatre and created three full-length pieces for the company: ‘Solo na Dwie Osoby’ (2009), ‘The Outline’ (2010) and ‘Double Trouble’ (2012). Since 2012, she has worked with cie. toula limnaios in Berlin.


Double Trouble


Polish Dance Theatre


  • Karolina Wyrwal Choreographer
  • Paul Tinsley Composer
  • Zofia Jakubiec Set designer

Performance synopsis

Manipulation, play and puzzle are the key words connecting Wyrwał’s performance with the works of Kruger. ‘Double Trouble’ asks to what extent the current fashion and personal beliefs and preferences change the image of what we see. All in all, perception always comes to us deformed, and creating an ideal is nothing but mystification. ‘Double Trouble’ uses ‘smart wireless’ cubes which control and create live sound. Controlled by the touch of the dancers, they create a unique musical interface.

Duration25" Crew *4 Artists2
Premiere 2012-02-24, Poznań

* cast plus technical support

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