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Human Fields

place to be

place to be,
photo Oren Fait

place to be
place to be,
photo Oren Fait

Dariusz Nowak and Dor Mamalia began working together in 2017, and after two successful years, they expanded their group – thus founding a new dance collective, HUMAN FIELDS.

They have performed at Sadler’s Wells Theatre, Korzo Theatre, Suzanne Dellal Centre, CONTEXT Diana Vishneva, and many others. In January 2020, they choreographed a new piece for TCUNAM in Mexico.

Human Fields also teaches workshops, company classes, and dance programs based on its unique movement language.


ResiDance Festival Jerusalem
2019, Jerusalem
Curtain Up Festival
2019, Tel Aviv, Kibbutz Ga’aton, Jerusalem
Susanne Dellal Centre International Exposure
2019, Tel Aviv
ArtBlau Residency
2019, Braunschweig
The What Dance Can Do Gala Festival
2019, Zürich

place to be


Human Fields


  • Dariusz Nowak Choreographer
  • Dor Mamalia Choreographer

Performance synopsis

The movement of the piece reflects a growing conviction of modern life: that change is the only permanence, with no final state in sight and none desired. ‘To be’ means forever ‘becoming’. Temporariness, vulnerability, an inclination to constant movement, avoiding completion, and remaining undefined. Every new structure replaces the previous one and becomes another momentary settlement – acknowledged until further notice.

Duration30" Crew *4 Artists3
Premiere 2019-11-14, Tel Aviv
Audienceeveryone (regardless of age)

* cast plus technical support

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