Grzegorz Brożek

After graduating from the General Ballet School of Olga Sławska-Lipczyńska in Poznań, Grzegorz Brożek worked at the Opera Nova in Bydgoszcz as a demi-soloist, where he was was promoted to soloist in 2009. In 2012, he started working at the Musical Theatre in Poznań as a soloist. Two years later, he became a demi-solist at the Grand Theatre, Łódź. He made his debut as a choreographer at the ballet gala of the Grand Theatre in Łódź (29th April 2018) with the duet ‘Tango’, to the music of R. Favela.






Grzegorz Brożek


  • Grzegorz BrożekChoreographer
  • Michał BrzozowskiMusic
  • Adam TrautzLighting

Performance synopsis

‘Faustus’ combines several genres, including dance, literature and drama. Not only will we listen to the timeless existential question of Tomas Mann’s hero, Doctor Faustus, but also we will also have a chance to reinterpret this classic text.

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Duration 35 " Crew * 16 Artists 10
Premiere 2019-02-11, Łódź
Audience wszyscy (niezależnie od wieku)
  • none

* cast plus technical support



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