Grab Art Foundation company is a dance company established by Artur Grabarczyk in 2018. The mission of company includes producing, sharing and promoting high quality dance works within Poland and beyond, as well as multidisciplinary collaborations with artists, dance education, international cooperation and other actions for good of the dance community. Its repertoire includes works such as ‘Chrome Paradise’ and ‘Ravnfjær’ by Artur Grabarczyk and ‘Mirage’ by Żaneta Majcher.


Contmporary Dance Festival Sfera Ruchu Toruń

2019, Toruń

Warsaw Dance Days

2018, Warsaw

Festival of Alternative Dance Theatres ‘Open Your Eyes’

2018, Słupsk

XIV Zawirowania International Dance Theatre Festival

2018, Warsaw

Contmporary Dance Festival Sfera Ruchu Toruń

2018, Toruń

IV Dance Theatre Contest

2018, Kielce


Kielce, 2018

Three prizes at the IV Dance Theatre Contest for ‘Ravnfjær’Three prizes at the IV Dance Theatre Contest for ‘Ravnfjær’




Grab Art Foundation


  • Artur GrabarczykChoreographer
  • Iwona RaczyńskaCostume designer
  • Weronika CudzikCostume designer

Performance synopsis

‘Ravnfjær’ is based on Nothern mythology, the customs and rituals of the Norman people from the turn of the 7th and 12th centuries. Here, we find stories of gods, giants and dwarves, the death of Baldur, the adventures of Loki, the prophetic prophecy of Ragnarok and references to rites performed in honour of their gods. In Norwegian, ‘ravnfjær’ means ‘raven feathers’ – which fits metaphorically in the structure of the performance, showing the multitude and multi-layered nature of the subject.

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Duration 37 " Crew * 10 Artists 8
Premiere 2018-03-02, Warsaw
Audience wszyscy (niezależnie od wieku)
  • loud-music
  • direct-contact

* cast plus technical support



Produkcja Teatr Tańca Zawirowania
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