/ eferte / Dance Development Foundation

ce_real mothers

ce_real mothers,
photo Anna Piotrowska

ce_real mothers
ce_real mothers,
photo Magdalena Kołakowska

The / eferte / Dance Development Foundation is an organization that supports and promotes dance theatre and contemporary dance, as well as performative and site-specific activities. The strategy is to create projects which develop the spheres of process work, creating character, and dramaturgy, especially in field of dance. / eferte / ’s mission is to create the right conditions for productions to develop, as well as promote education in the sphere of dance art.


ce_real mothers

ce_real mothers
ce_real mothers,
photo Magdalena Kołakowska


Anna Piotrowska


  • Anna Piotrowska Choreographer/dancer
  • Małgorzata Piotrowska Dancer
  • Aleksandra Piotrowska Composer/musician

Performance synopsis

Through dance, movement, presence, you can create an image of one of the deepest relationships in an ideal-based dream. Mother and daughter. It's difficult to create a description for such a unique event, which is a joint, mature performance of this dynamic.

Duration35 " Crew *3 Artists2
Premiere 2018-09-24, Warsaw
Audienceeveryone (regardless of age)
    loud music

* cast plus technical support

Promotional details
  • Production: Dance Development Foundation
  • Co-production: Dance Art Center in Warsaw
  • Partners: Partners: Cultural Centre ‘Kadr’ / Mazovia Institute of Culture / Theatre Developement Foundation NEW WAVE / Artistic Foundation PERFORM
  • Supported by the City of Warsaw
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