Frederickiana Ballet Ensemble

Remembrance - Chopiniana Gdańska

Remembrance – Gdansk Chopiniana,
photo Waldemar Krótki

Remembrance - Chopiniana Gdańska
Remembrance – Gdansk Chopiniana,
photo Waldemar Krótki

The mission of Frederickiana, established in 1999, is to promote Polish history and culture. We aim to create accomplished, original performances based on distinct storylines. We are focussed on breaking the boundaries of ballet as shown today. No one apart from us has had the courage to interpret Chopin’s music as a vision of Poland’s history – the struggle in the fight for independence together with associating his masterpieces not only with Polish Uprisings but also with Polish heritage.


European Parliament in Brussels
2017, Brussels
Polish Academy of Science in Vienna
2006, Vienna
Vatican – The Holy See, Rome
2001, Rome


The Ministry of Culture and National Heritage Prize for the Frederickiana ensemble
2007, Gdansk

Remembrance – Gdansk Chopiniana




  • Bogdan Szymaniuk Choreographer
  • Małgorzata Insadowska Choreographer
  • Michał Chróścielewski Choreographer
  • Witold Biegański Choreograher

Performance synopsis

This one-act performance is a biographical portrait of Frédéric Chopin's life, based on his music. His patriotism and emotional engagement in the fight for Poland’s sovereignty led to the creation of his best-known piano pieces. By means of their powerful revolutionary character, many of his compositions were regarded as a symbol of independence, which gave hope for the Polish nation to finally achieve its freedom. This performance of universal values is suitable for viewers of all ages.

Duration53" Crew *10 Artists7
Premiere 2015-08-01, Gdansk
Audienceeveryone (regardless of age)

* cast plus technical support

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