Wildstyle Company

Urok Faunusa

The Charm of Faunus,
photo Agnieszka Gołębiewska

Urok Faunusa
The Charm of Faunus,
photo Agnieszka Gołębiewska

Dzikistyl Company is a theatre founded by Wioleta Fiuk and Patryk Gacki. The choreographers take up various issues (political, social, philosophical, historical). The artists seek a balance between dance and everyday movement, and between separate dance techniques. They also look for contexts in which these connections will function. They are interested in movement as conscious composition, body architecture. Their style is based on a combination of techniques – classical dance and breakdance.


The Charm of Faunus


Wildstyle Company


  • Patryk Gacki Director, choreographer
  • Wioleta Fiuk Choreographer
  • Stefan Wesołowski Composer

Performance synopsis

The theme of choreography was born out of the element of the ancient Roman god of fertility – Faun. The choreography combines many contexts in the field of fine arts, dance, film, poetry and music. In 1912, Nijinsky’s version was created, based on Greek depictions on vases, which was stylistically and thematically bold – and therefore controversial at its time. Wioleta Fiuk and Patryk Gacki remix the work without duplicating it, but presenting their original choreography in a new, contemporary reading.

Duration15 " Crew *2 Artists2
Premiere 2019-09-17, Nizio Design Gallery, Warsaw
Audienceeveryone (regardless of age)

* cast plus technical support

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