Dominika Wiak

Dominika Wiak – dancer, performer, choreographer. A graduate of the WTT (AST). Her recent productions includes solo MISSPIECE, Manhattan and Sticky Fingers Club. She collaborated with the National Stary Theater, Schauspiel Frankfurt, Theater im. Juliusz Słowacki, Silesian Theater. She took part in performances by: Monika Strzępka, Ewelina Marciniak, Jakub Lewandowski, Dominika Knapik, Maciej Kuźmiński, Quan Bui Ngoc. She collaborates with the Krakow Choreographic Center.


Krakow Dance Festival

2022, Krakow


Warsaw, 2023

Finale of BEST OFF competition MISSPIECEFinale of BEST OFF competition MISSPIECE

Warsaw, 2022

2nd Award in – BEST OFF competition for Sticky Fingers Club2nd Award in – BEST OFF competition for Sticky Fingers Club

Szczecin, 2022

1st Award – Kontrapunkt Festival, category: OFF Sticky Fingers Club1st Award – Kontrapunkt Festival, category: OFF Sticky Fingers Club

Budapest, 2017

BEST SOLO – SOLO/DUO Festival MelancholiaBEST SOLO – SOLO/DUO Festival Melancholia

Krakow, 2017

1st Award – “choreographic competition 3…2…1…DANCE!” Melancholia1st Award – “choreographic competition 3…2…1…DANCE!” Melancholia

Warsaw, 2017

1st Award – “ZAWIROWANIA DANCE” Melancholia1st Award – “ZAWIROWANIA DANCE” Melancholia

Lublin, 2014

Audience Award – Polish Dance Platform Room 40Audience Award – Polish Dance Platform Room 40

Budapest, 2014

BEST SOLO – SOLO/DUO Festival inner placeBEST SOLO – SOLO/DUO Festival inner place




Dominika Wiak


  • Dominika Wiak choreography, performance
  • Marcin Miętusdramaturgy
  • Rafał Ryterskimusic
  • Aleksander Wnukmusic (live)
  • Klaudyna Schubertlights
  • Jasna Iwan, Dominika Wiaksculpture

Performance synopsis

Who can’t be heard?
​ As R. Solnit writes, the history of silence is the key to the history of women. MISSPIECE is a personal process of searching for one’s own voice and place in the world of defined social roles, binary divisions, and masterpieces created by men. An attempt at breaking the vacuum of the canon and finding herstory there. Discovering the emancipation potential in house music – a space for manifesting the female voice, and in the body – in constant movement and processing.

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Duration 40 " Crew * 3 Artists 1
Premiere 2022-04-29, Krakow
Audience dorośli
  • none

* cast plus technical support



Wsparcie: Living Space Theatre, Produkcja: Krakowskie Centrum Choreograficzne – Nowohuckie Centrum Kultury, Fundusz Popierania Twórczości ZAiKS
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