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Direct Message Collective


photo Maciej Zakrzewski

photo Maciej Zakrzewski

Direct Message Collective was established in 2018 by Michał Przybyła and Dominik Więcek out of the need to implement original performance projects, exhibitions, installations and workshops. The work of their informal collective revolves around identity and social issues. The non-heteronormativity of these two artists has a great impact on the creation process and the final effects of their work, which distinguishes them in the artistic community in Poland.


Residency at Gdańsk Dance Festival
2020, Gdańsk
Residency at the Center for Dance and Theatre
2020, Warsaw
INKUBATOR 2020 Residency at TanzFaktur
2020, Köln


‘Bromance’ – laureate of the 2nd Competition for the Best Performance of Independent Theatre ‘The Best OFF’
2019, Wroclaw
Distinction for the performance ‘Bromance’ – 54th Review of Small Forms Theatre COUNTERPOINT
2019, Szczecin
Best Off Theatre Performance – Theatre Magazine
2019, Warsaw



Direct Message Collective


  • Michał Przybyła Choreographer/performer
  • Dominik Więcek Choreographer/performer
  • Przemek Degórski Musician

Performance synopsis

The performance is an attempt to face the ‘real man’ stereotype in order to show many variants of masculinity. Thus, it crosses the borders of the stereotype and redefines male identity as seen in a broader aspect, not excluding attitudes that deviate from the learned norm. We are looking for an answer to the question of how to leave men an informal right to express tenderness or sentimentality in the public space.

Duration60" Crew *4 Artists2
Premiere 2018-10-05, Poznań
Audienceeveryone (regardless of age)
    direct physical contact with audience members

* cast plus technical support

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