Daniel Leżoń

Wszystkie Litery Świata +

All World`s Letters +,
photo Aleksandra Staszczyk

Wszystkie Litery Świata +
All World`s Letters +,
photo Aleksandra Staszczyk

Daniel Leżoń - choreographer, actor and dancer. His artistic mission is to express Peace, Health and Power and to create patterns of culture as long-term solutions for these values. One of the questions he deals with in his work is: What movements do we use to create bridges between the past and the present? How do we express memory as individuals and as the society? What do I enliven through my artistic work in the memory of the audience? His work connects people from different groups.


All World`s Letters +


Daniel Leżoń


  • Daniel Leżoń Choreographer
  • Kacper Szklarski Dancer
  • Witold Filar Dancer
  • Daniel Leżoń Dancer

Performance synopsis

"Oh power of Eternity All things you held in order in your heart and through your Word were all created according to your will. And then your very Word was clothed within that form of flesh from Adam born" Saint Hildegard of Bingen Whatever happens, I keep going. We are all equal and different in our experience of humanity. This dance screams at all the people to stop being so afraid of this diversity, which is the basic pattern of the world. We are all surrounded by the same universe - the mystery of life.

Duration25" Crew *4 Artists3
Premiere 2021-12-04, Katowice

* cast plus technical support

Promotional details
  • The project is funded by the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage as part of the 'Dance' programme
  • The performance is produced by Jazdaa Polska! Foundation for young artists
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