Artur Bieńkowski


photo Aleksander Joachimiak

photo Aleksander Joachimiak

Artur Bienkowski is a choreographer and therapist. In recent years, he has worked as a dancer at the Polish Dance Theatre, Pink Mama Theatre in Switzerland and many other companies. He is a multiple recipient of grants from the Polish Ministry of Culture and National Heritage, the Adam Mickiewicz Institute and the Polish Institute of Music and Dance.
He runs his own therapy studio in Poznan. He teaches Yoga Nidra and improvisation.


Centre de Création Chorégraphique Luxembourgeois
2019, Luxembourg
Rozbark Theatre
2019, Bytom
Krakow Choreographic Centre
2019, Kraków
Polish Dance Theatre
2019, Poznań
Wilson Shaft Gallery
2018, Katowice
Moving Images International Videodance Festival
2018, Nicosia
Gdańsk Dance Festival
2018, Gdańsk
This is not a festival
2017, Bytom
Palazzo Caprioli
2018, Milan


Krakow Choreographic Centre
2019, Kraków
Gdańsk Dance Festival Solo Dance Contest
2019, Gdańsk
Moving Images International Videodance Festival
2019, Nicosia
II New Avant-Garde Review of Contemporary Art
2018, Katowice



Artur Bieńkowski


  • Alexey Torgunakov Dancer
  • Victoria Kennett Dancer
  • Artur Bieńkowski Choreographer

Performance synopsis

The ‘Zugwang’ choreographic project is an experiment exploring the types of new relationships between abstract form and movement, where movement is a need in itself and the ultimate goal. By creating their own space scores, the performers create independent worlds, thus creating a movement environment consisting of microchoreography, paying attention to what is happening between them. The materialised idea creates a choreography of viewer mindfulness.

Duration40 " Crew *3 Artists2
Premiere 2019-11-03, Luxembourg
Audienceeveryone (regardless of age)

* cast plus technical support

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