Anna Wańtuch

Choreographer, performer, and certified teacher of the Contakids. She completed the Sherborne Development Movement course, PINK Training Segni Mossi, Instructor Qualification Course in Contemporary Dance. A graduate of philosophy and film studies at the Jagiellonian University. She was accepted for the ATLAS program at the ImPulsTanz in 2021, where she began working on the “Mothersuckers” about motherhood. Since 2012, she has been experimenting with the movement of an adult with a child.


Residance 2022 in Bratislava by PLAST organization at Dance Residential Centre Telocvičňa

2022, Bratislava

ATLAS – create your dance trails at Impulstanz. Choreographic training programme

2021, Vienna

Polish Culture Around the World by The Adam Mickiewicz Institute

2021, Warsaw

Biennale of Art for Children in Poznań

2021, Poznan

The Creative Scholarship of City of Krakow

2020, Cracov

Scholarship of the Alternative Dance Academy by Art Stations Foundation by Grażyna Kulczyk

2019, Poznan

The OFF Contest XXXVII Stage Songs Review in Wrocław Words for Dance showings

2016, Wroclaw

Dance Moves Cities Residence - Krakow Theater Reminiscences

2013, Cracov



Mothersuckers. Production about reproduction


Anna Wańtuch


  • Anna Wańtuch Choreography, performance
  • Rozi MákóMusic

Performance synopsis

The performance is a continuation of personal research on motherhood, its physicality, movement/stillness and socio-political themes. The author blurs the boundaries of distinguishing between the process of production and reproduction using processed fragments of reality. The leading theme around which the author re/produces meanings/contexts/stereotypes and expectations is breastfeeding. The starting point is a play on words from the combination of the term mother and the act of suckling.

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Duration 50 " Crew * 2 Artists 1
Premiere 2021-08-12, Vienna
Audience dorośli
  • nudity
  • noise
  • direct-contact

* cast plus technical support



Spektakl powstał w ramach programu choreograficznego ATLAS – create your dance trails Impulstanz, dzięki wsparciu Art Stations Foundation by Grażyna Kulczyk oraz Stypendium Kultura Polska na Świecie Instytutu im. Adama Mickiewicza. Praca zostały kontynuowana w ramach Residance 2022 w Bratysławie organizowanej przez PLAST organization w Dance Residential Centre Telocvičňa
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