Alicja Czyczel

ciało, na głos

body out loud,
photo Marc Coudrais

ciało, na głos
body out loud,
photo Marc Coudrais

Choreographer and dancer. She is a graduate of the exerce Master in choreography at ICI-CCN in Montpellier and holds an MA in Interdisciplinary Studies in the Humanities (University of Warsaw and Paris-Sorbonne). She has held scholarships from danceWEB (2019), Young Poland (2018) and the Art Stations Foundation Alternative Dance Academy (2018). In her choreographic practice, she investigates imagination and produces spoken-word poetry in relation to body and sound.


Metropolis Residency (Københavns Internationale Teater)
2020, Copenhagen
Residency at Lake Studios Berlin
2020, Berlin
Residency at CDCN La Maison
2019, Uzès


Special Prize for the best Master dissertation on the history of Polish theatre, competition organised by the Raszewski Theatre Institute
2018, Warsaw

body out loud


Alicja Czyczel


  • Alicja Czyczel Choreography and performance
  • Dana Chmielewska Research
  • Zehra Proch Research
  • Emma Tricard Research
  • Filip Madejski Documentation of the process
  • DD Dorvillier Artistic mentor
  • Jocelyn Cottencin Artistic mentor

Performance synopsis

In this choreography, the imagination is phonic. The makers of this project have been led by a methodology and sensitivity which put hearing, the perception of energy and the movement of attention above the sense of sight. The dancer’s body negotiates with the language with which it shares the space. Speech moves, travels and guides the spectators’ attention towards numerous relations between sound and movement. The spoken word takes on a performative agency on par with the dance.

Duration30" Crew *2 Artists1
Premiere 2019-05-22, Montpellier

* cast plus technical support

Promotional details
  • Production: ICI-CCN Montpellier/Occitanie, exerce Master
  • Coproduction: Dance Art Center in Warsaw
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