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Change of Position


photo HaWa HaWa, Poleski Ośrodek Sztuki w Łodzi

photo HaWa HaWa, Poleski Ośrodek Sztuki w Łodzi

Change of position relative to the reference point. This is the definition of motion. Change of Position is also a space dedicated to dance, created in the Ariadna Cultural Center in Łódź, Poland at the end of 2018. Change of Position directs its motion vector towards the awakening of the potential of independent creators of new dance, people who want to develop themselves in dance, as well as audiences hungry for new experiences.


Touch the Theatre
2019, Łódź





  • Martyna Jagodyńska Director
  • Ewa Drzewiecka Dancer
  • Agnieszka Łuczyńska Dancer
  • Radosław Klimecki Dancer
  • Jarosław Rakoczy Set designer
  • Maciej Pałatyński Set designer

Performance synopsis

Do you know your place? Does it limit you? Does it offer you security? To what extent do you create it? To what extent does it create you? The performance explores the multidimensionality and interconnectedness between spatial relationships and the space of relationships. It discovers the tension of symbiotic dichotomies: place/space, security/risk, limitation/freedom. An important aspect is to allow the viewer, during the performance, to wander around the platform on which action takes place.

Duration45" Crew *6 Artists3
Premiere 2019-03-29, Łódź

* cast plus technical support

Promotional details
  • Supported by The City of Łódź as part of the Touch the Theatre 2019 project in collaboration with the Ariadna Cultural Center in Łódź, Poland.
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