Wojciech Furman

Wojciech Furman is an independent dancer and movement artist, and one of the main promotors of Fighting Monkey Practice in Poland. His roots come from ballroom dancing, but FM Practice serves him as a movement base. He studied dance and physical culture in Poland. He has collaborated on projects like: ‘SIKSIKA’ (choreographed by A. Krysiak), ‘Trans_miss(i)on’ (chor. Olszowska, Feher) and ‘Desert’ (fragments, chor. P. Wycichowska).


Solo Duo Dance Contest

2019, Budapest



There are no children, there are people


Wojciech Furman


  • Wojciech FurmanChoreographer/dancer
  • Aleksandra KorniejenkoDramaturgical support
  • Michał StrugarekComposer

Performance synopsis

‘Half of humanity does not exist; its life – it is a joke, naive aspirations, fleeting feelings, funny views. Children are different from adults, there is a lack of something in their lives, and there is something more than in ours. But this life, even if different from ours, is a reality, not an illusion. What have we done to learn about them and create conditions in which they could exist and mature?’ – Janusz Korczak

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Duration 12 " Crew * 1 Artists 1
Premiere 2019-03-14, Poznań
Audience wszyscy (niezależnie od wieku)
  • none

* cast plus technical support



Wsparcie produkcyjne: Regionalne Centrum Kultury w Pile
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