Poznań Opera Ballet

Don Juan

Don Juan,
photo Bartek Barczyk

Don Juan
Don Juan,
photo Bartek Barczyk

Poznań Opera Ballet is an ensemble with more than 100 years of history. Since its beginnings, it has been part of the structure of Poznań Opera House. Over the years, the ensemble has been shaped by the most renowned Polish choreographers and dancers, making Poznań one of the most important dance centres in the country.
Today, the ensemble, run by Robert Bondara, presents both classical and modern repertoire. Poznań Opera Ballet works with world-famous choreographers from around the globe.


Jan Kiepura Theater Music Awards – Best Dancer (Classical): Daria Sukhourukova
2018, Warsaw
Jan Kiepura Musical Theatre Awards – Best Dancer (Other Dance Forms): Julia Korbańska
2018, Warsaw

Don Juan


Poznań Opera Ballet


  • Robert Bondara Direction and choreography
  • Julia Skrzynecka Set and costume design
  • Maciej Igielski Lighting design
  • Karolina fender Noińska Video projections
  • Katarzyna Tomala-Jedynak Conductor
  • Evgeniia Meissner Choreographer’s assistant
  • Viktor Davydiuk Choreographer’s assistant

Performance synopsis

One of the most captivating figures in Western culture, Don Juan, is calling for a new story. Musically, we are transported to sometime around the 17th and 18th century – the time of Gluck and Bach. But Bondara’s interpretation, based on Molière’s drama, poses questions about the cause of Don Juanism. Are we still shocked by the seducer from Seville in our sexualised society, with its omnipresent pornography? Is Don Juan a new scourge of modernity?

Duration105" Crew *55 Artists45
Premiere 2020-02-21, Poznań

* cast plus technical support

Promotional details
  • Premiere patron: www.taniecpolska.pl
  • Premiere patron: http://www.irk.org.pl/taniec
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