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Zawirowania Dance Theatre

Real Love

Real Love,
photo Bartosz Zalewski

Real Love
Real Love,
photo Bartosz Zalewski

Zawirowania Dance Theatre consists of dancers with various technique backgrounds – from classical dance to contemporary and jazz dance. This combination results in an interesting effect onstage, widening the group’s creative potential. The group's main principle is to use contemporary dance techniques to create intensively physical performances. The group has performed abroad many times (Madrid en Danza – Spain, International Exposure – Israel, Beijng Dance Festival – China).


M1CONTACT Festival
2019, Singapore
Danza Nueva Festival Internacional de Lima
2019, Lima
New Dance for Asia Festival
2018, Seoul
Mouvements Sur La Ville
2019, Montpellier
Tanzfestival Bielefield
2018, Bielefield
Attakkalari India Biennial
2017, Bangalore
HIFA International Festival of Arts
2017, Harare
Jerusalem International Dance Week
2015, Jerusalem
San Luis Potosi Culture Centre, Dance Festival
2015, San Luis Potosi


Audience Award of the OPEN LOOK St. Petersburg International Dance Festival
2016, Saint Petersburg

Real Love


Zawirowania Dance Theatre


  • Daniel Abreu Choreographer
  • Elwira Piorun Dancer
  • Iza Prokopek Dancer
  • Ilona Gumowska Dancer

Performance synopsis

‘Real Love’ is the mystery of birth, passing and death performed by three women of different ages. What does true love mean for them? Maybe it’s the feeling which mother has for her child. How does a woman feel being a mother? What does she feel when someone close to her dies? Love and death are two threads that constantly appear throughout the performance of ‘Real Love’, affecting each other at all times. Being a mother and being close to death. ‘Real Love’ is a form of choreographic poem.

Duration50 " Crew *5 Artists3
Premiere 2018-06-24, Warsaw
    nudity, strobe lights

* cast plus technical support

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