Zawirowania Dance Theatre

Tańcząc Boską Komedię

Dancing Divine Comedy,
photo Bartek Kiełbowicz

Tańcząc Boską Komedię
Dancing Divine Comedy,
photo Sandra Wilk

Zawirowania Dance Theatre is the longest-running initiative, established in 2004 by the Scena Współczesna foundation in Warsaw. Włodzimierz Kaczkowski and Elwira Piorun are the directors of the institution. Almost ever since its inception, the theatre has not only been actively involved in cultural processes in Poland, but has also performed at festivals all over the world.


2017, Bangalore
arts residency
2016, Hong Kong
arts residency
2016, Naples
Jerusalem Dance Festival
2015, Jerusalem
Danza Area Metropolitana
2015, Florence

Dancing Divine Comedy


Zawirowania Dance Theatre


  • Elwira Piorun Choreographer
  • Michał Przybyła Dancer
  • Michał Adam Góral Dancer
  • Liwia Bargieł Dancer
  • Magdalena Agata Wójcik Dancer
  • Witek Kaczkowski Lighting director
  • Aleksandra Kostrzewa Dramatist

Performance synopsis

DANCING DIVINE COMEDY is an ambitious attempt to grapple with the work by Dante, who in the fourteenth century created his vision of the extraterrestrial world. It is strong enough to have survived for generations and still have its impact today. It is an impression that touches upon individual themes rather than an attempt to delve into them. It is a challenge for the choreographer and the dancers trying to translate the complicated language of Dante's poetry, saturated with exuberant visual images, into the language of dance.

Duration60" Crew *7 Artists4
Premiere 2021-02-12, Warsaw
    violence, loud music

* cast plus technical support

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