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Limen Butoh Theatre

Pieśń Semi. Szczeliny istnienia

The Song of Semi: Crevices of Existence,
photo Sylwia Zawadzka

Pieśń semi. Szczeliny istnienia
The Song of Semi: Crevices of Existence,
photo Sylwia Zawadzka

Limen Butoh Theatre was established in Warsaw in 2002 by Sylwia Hanff (butoh dancer, choreographer, director, graduate in Philosophy from the University of Warsaw). It is the result of her 10-year theoretical and practical research. To date, they have produced more than 20 performances. Limen is open to cooperation with various artists in the fine arts, music and theatre and invites artists from all over the world to participate in its projects. Limen Butoh performs in Poland and abroad.


Venice International Performance Art Week
2020, Venice
2nd Kyoto International Butoh Festival
2019, Kyoto
L’Espace Culturel Bertin Poirée/Cultural Space Bertin Poirée
2018, Paris
Point Ephémère à Paris
2018, Paris
Spazio Nu
2017, Pontedera
EN CHAIR ET EN SON International Meetings Butoh Dance and Acousmatic Music
2017, Paris
Seattle Butoh Festival
2016, Seattle
DAIPANbutoh Collective
2015, Seattle
Veriditas/Womens Dream Quest
2015, San Francisco
Kan Katsura/Cross Culture Festival
2006, Warsaw

The Song of Semi: Crevices of Existence


Limen Butoh Theatre


  • Sylwia Hanff Direction, choreography, butoh dance
  • Pierre Boeswillwald Music
  • Roman Woźniak Lighting designer

Performance synopsis

The performance was inspired by the liminal experience of meeting two cultures in one consciousness, and displacing one by the Other. In a small Japanese village amongst wildlife, during the practice of body work and dance, deities and unusual creatures appeared on the border of consciousness combining the symbolism of two cultures. It was the experience of a ‘dreaming body’, a journey deep into oneself, mind-body in itself, and crossing the boundaries of its formation by one’s own culture.

Duration20" Crew *3 Artists1
Premiere 2018-09-21, Warsaw

* cast plus technical support

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  • Produced thanks to financial support from the Capital City of Warsaw and the AUS Association.
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