Informal Group

Szymon Michlewicz-Sowa


photo Krzysztof Kadis

photo Krzysztof Kadis

The producers of ‘Canaries’ are an informal group of artists selected in the ‘ROZBARK_new perspective’ competition organised by the ROZBARK Theatre in Bytom in order to produce a performance based on the history of the Rozbark mine. The performers are mainly graduates of the National Academy of Theatre Arts in Kraków and the Dance Theatre Department in Bytom. The main idea behind the performance was to pair word and movement, working on the border between dance and dramatic theatre.




Szymon Michlewicz-Sowa


  • Szymon Michlewicz-Sowa Choreographer
  • Gabriel Gietzky Director
  • Michał Zdrzałek Composer
  • Tomasz Berek Video designer
  • Anna Berek Dancer
  • Agnieszka Raj-Kubat Actress
  • Szymon Michlewicz-Sowa Dancer
  • Filip Wójcik Dancer

Performance synopsis

Canaries in mines are representatives of the species serinus canaria sensorem and should go under that scientific name. The image of canaries – yellow, hard to capture, full of twittering and trills – does not harmonise with the darkness grasped in mine metaphors. And yet, a closer look reveals that these images are analogous. Darkness and danger, joy and community – canaries always sing for someone – and unexpected death lurking in the nooks of the underground. All these are united in ‘Canaries’.

Duration55" Crew *8 Artists4
Premiere 2020-10-17, Bytom

* cast plus technical support

Promotional details
  • The project was financed by the National Center of Culture in the context of the ‘Kultura – Interwencje 2020’ program.
  • The performance was produced by Bytomski Teatr Tańca and Ruchu Rozbark.
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