Teatr A Part

Four More

Four More,
photo Maciej Dziaczko

Four More
Four More,
photo Maciej Dziaczko

Teatr A Part is a personal initiative of director Marcin Herich. The theatre was founded in Katowice in 2004. Teatr A Part is a theatre of body, movement, form and visual narration. On the level of ​​meaning, A Part's performances reach deeply into human instincts and mysteries of existence, emotions and imponderables. Until now, the theatre has made 25 productions shown in 30 countries. Teatr A Part organises the cyclical International Performing Arts Festival A Part.


Golden Lion International Theatrical Festival
2021, Lviv
2021, Budapest
Festival of Alternative Theatrical Expression FAKI
2020, Zagreb
Theaterhaus TOR 6
2020, Bielefeld
International Festival of Contemporary Theatre Zadar Snova
2020, Zadar
Theaterhaus TOR 6
2019, Bielefeld
Opera Prima Festival
2019, Rovigo
Seasoning Winter
2018, Eindhoven
Leith Theatre
2018, Edinburgh
Festival of Monodrama and Mime
2018, Belgrade


Qualification for the Polish Dance Platform in Gdańsk for "Four"
2019, Gdańsk
Golden Mask for Marcin Herich for the direction of "Nothing. Sketches for King Lear" and artistic achievements of Teatr A Part and the International Performing Arts Festival A Part
2018, Katowice
Mayor of the City of Katowice Award in the field of culture for Marcin Herich for lifetime achievement
2014, Katowice
Golden Mask Nomination for Marcin Herich for script, direction and set design of "Bellmer Circus"
2012, Katowice
Honourable Mention of the Jury for "Hourglass" during National Festival of Independent Theatres OFTeN
2008, Ostrów Wielkopolski

Four More


Teatr A Part


  • Marcin Herich Creation, direction and choreography
  • Alina Bachara Performer
  • Katarzyna Gogacz Performer
  • Karolina Wosz Performer
  • Marta Zielonka Performer

Performance synopsis

“Four More” is a series of stage compositions for four female performers and their bodies, space, sound and light. The production is a creative and aesthetic continuation of the theatre and dance show “Four” from 2018. Anyone who meditates upon four things, it would be preferable for them if they had not come into the world: what is above, what is below, what is before and what is after. Source: Hagigah, Talmud

Duration50" Crew *7 Artists4
Premiere 2021-11-11, Katowice
Audienceadults only
    nudity, noise, loud music

* cast plus technical support

Promotional details
  • Co-financed by the Local Government of Śląskie Voivodeship
  • The project was awarded at the TEATROGRANTY 2021 competition organised by Katowice the City of Gardens.
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