Stowarzyszenie Sztuka Nowa

Sztuka Nowa is an artistic collective active since 2007, creating interdisciplinary work in the field of performative arts. Artists associated with the collective conduct research on theatre and movement techniques. They also organise international dance laboratories and artistic residences in Poland and Europe.


Zigguart Project residency – Dawid Żakowski, Zofia Urszula Komasa

2019, Budapest

SommerBlut Festiwal

2016, Cologne

Imaginarius Festiwal

2016, anta Maria da Feira

Festival Les Tombées de la Nuit

2015, Rennes


Bytom, 2019

TopOFFFestival 2019TopOFFFestival 2019

Wrocław, 2019

The Best OFFThe Best OFF

Wrocław, 2018

The Best OFFThe Best OFF




Association Sztuka Nowa


  • Wojciech GrudzińskiPerformer
  • Borys JaźnickiPerformer
  • Maciej TomaszewskiPerformer
  • Piotr PolakPerformer
  • Dawid ŻakowskiDirector
  • Zofia Urszula KomasaDramaturge
  • Visual artist
  • Visual artist
  • Balazs VarnaiComposer
  • Teoniki RożynekComposer
  • Composer
  • Composer
  • Ewelina SobierajChoreographer
  • Kat RampackovaChoreographer
  • Martin TalagaChoreographer

Performance synopsis

Dancers, choreographers, composers and video artists create a multi-dimensional portrait of the greatest dancer of all time. ‘Tonight, I’ll dance WAR. WAR you are responsible for’ was the dancer‘s statement during his last dance on 19th January 1919 at the Swiss resort of St Moritz. It was a cry of protest against the collapsing European order – and also a symbolic end to his career. LAST invites us into a space of Negation, Immortality, War and Duality, encoded in Nijinsky’s ‘Diary’.

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Duration 150 " Crew * 9 Artists 4
Premiere 2020-06-16, Warsaw
Audience dorośli
  • none

* cast plus technical support



Spektakl zrealizowany dzięki wsparciu finansowemu Warszawy oraz Funduszu Wyszehradzkiego.
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