Kolekttacz − Aniela Kokosza, Paulina Giwer-Kowalewska

Frajda Granda Bzik

Fun Fuss Fever,
photo Maciej Zakrzewski, Art Fraction Foundation

Frajda Granda Bzik
Fun Fuss Fever,
photo Maciej Zakrzewski, Art Fraction Foundation

Paulina Giwer-Kowalewska and Aniela Kokosza use the tools of contemporary dance techniques, improvisation and somatic practices of working with the body. The artists direct their activities to children, families, groups that are at risk of social exclusion, as well as participants with special needs. They regularly collaborate with choreographer and researcher Iza Chlewińska.
"If you have body, you can dance! In our practice we try to prove that movement goes beyond stereotypes and norms, and it doesn't take place on the stage."


Children's Festival 2021
2021, Poznań
Children's Festival 2022
2022, Poznań
Dziecinada Festival Wrocław 2022
2022, Wrocław
The Tiny Festival in Tychy 2022
2022, Tychy
The Magical Festival of Fairy Tales POZYTYWKA 2022
2022, Bydgoszcz

Fun Fuss Fever




  • Aniela Kokosza choreographer, performance artist
  • Paulina Giwer-Kowalewska choreographer, performance artist
  • Agnieszka Dubilewicz choreographer, performance artist

Performance synopsis

Meeting: natural, open, inclusive, sensitive. Relationship, closeness, community, family - what do we experience in them? Diversity, surprises, misunderstandings, fun, breakdowns, quarrels and craze! In our performance, we look for a special energy that triggers freedom, focus and joy. We provoke, we create and we observe relationships, also amongst ourselves. In the performance, we deal with an extremely interesting topic of the perception of being different. We want to stress the importance of being in touch with oneself and of acting within a community.

Duration50" Crew *4 Artists3
Premiere 2021-07-01, Poznań
    loud music

* cast plus technical support

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  • Produced by Art Fraction Foundation.
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