Informal Group

Sara Kozlowska and Guests


photo Agnieszka Cytacka

photo Agnieszka Cytacka

Sara Kozlowska and Guests is an informal collective created for the purpose of creating the performance.




Sara Kozlowska and Guests


  • Sara Kozłowska concept
  • Katarzyna Leszek choreography
  • Ewa Cywińska dance
  • Sara Kozłowska dance
  • Aleksandra Kuś dance
  • Zuzanna Nir dance
  • Maciej Świniarski music
  • Oskar Tomala clarinet
  • Magda Kuraś vocal
  • Krzysztof Hadrych guitar, mix
  • Julia Radziszewska costumes
  • Tomasz Rodowicz dramaturgical consultations
  • Małgorzata Rostkowska translation of texts into Polish Sign Language

Performance synopsis

Although this island seems empty... when they appear, a new storm breaks out The one who rules, ruthlessly wanting "more" The one who rebels, trying to regain her freedom at all costs The one that catches, seeking solace The one who observes, revealing a new world to others "PO" is a dance theater performance inspired by William Shakespeare's drama "The Tempest". Movement meets text and Polish Sign Language. By creating a multi-level image of a certain story in front of the viewers' eyes

Duration43" Crew *8 Artists4
Premiere 2022-12-07, Łódź
    strobe lights, sand as scenography

* cast plus technical support

Promotional details
  • The creation was produced as part of the competion Szklarnia - Inkubator Teatralny organized by Przestrzenie Sztuki in Łódź.
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