Polish Dance Theatre

Romeos&Julias unplagued. Traumstadt

Romeos&Julias unplagued. Traumstadt,
photo Andrzej Grabowski

Romeos&Julias unplagued. Traumstadt
Romeos&Julias unplagued. Traumstadt,
photo Andrzej Grabowski

Founded in 1973, the Polish Dance Theatre is a professional and autonomous group, which evolved from ballet-theatre performances to the contemporary genre: the dance theatre which crosses the boundaries of genres, techniques and styles, frees itself from traditional means of expression, leans towards interdisciplinary forms and seeks new theatrical spaces. Its process of creation is based on creative improvisation.


Balletto di Roma
2021, Rome
2021, Prague
Asphalt Festival
2021, Düsseldorf
Uferstudios / Cultural Ambassador
2021, Berlin
UP2DANCE - developing professional profiles in contemporary dance
2021, Poznań, Almada, Amsterdam, Sofia, Gijon, Rome
Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance
2019, London
27th International Dance Festival Quinzena de Dança de Almada
2019, Almada
China Shanghai International Arts Festival
2018, Shanghai
15th Belgrade Dance Festival
2018, Belgrade
Shenzhen International Friendship Cities Culture and Arts Week
2017, Shenzhen


Best Book Design from all over the World | Bronze Medal
2022, Leipzig
Imajitari - International Dance Film Festival
2021, Jakarta
3rd ZED Festival Internationale Videodanza
2021, Bologna
FASS Forward Film Festival
2021, Quebec
Beijing Fringe Festival
2021, Beijing
16th Reelheart International Film and Screenplay Festival
2020, Toronto
Austin Arthouse Film Festival
2020, Austin
Fine Arts Film Festival
2020, Los Angeles

Romeos&Julias unplagued. Traumstadt


Polish Dance Theatre


  • Yoshiko Waki concept and choreography
  • Rolf Baumgart playwriting
  • Rene Haustein assistant choreographer
  • Nanako Oizumi stage design, costumes, lighting
  • Adriana Cygankiewicz costume assistant
  • Przemysław Gapczyński lighting
  • Dariusz Szych lighting
  • Damian Pielka music
  • Marcus Bomski performance assistant
  • Robert Chodyła production coordinator

Performance synopsis

The Polish Dance Theatre and the bodytalk collective have successfully performed together in such places as Berlin, Leipzig and Mannheim. In 2021, they met again to prepare a new performance. They want to find out what happens when dance, understood as creative movement and the most physical art, collides with reality. They also want to create a space in which they can reflect on the effects of the coronavirus pandemic by rediscovering the love story of Romeo and Juliet from William Shakespeare's immortal drama.

Duration60" Crew *26 Artists15
Premiere 2021-06-20, Poznań
    noise, loud music

* cast plus technical support

Promotional details
  • "Romeos & Julias unplagued. Traumstadt" is co-produced by the Polish Dance Theatre and the bodytalk collective in collaboration with the asphalt festival and the Pumpenhaus Theatre and subsidised by the City of Münster and the Ministry of Culture and Science of North Rhine-Westphalia.
  • Co-funded by the Minister of Culture, National Heritage and Sport through the Culture Promotion Fund as part of the 'Dance' programme organised by the National Institute of Music and Dance and financially supported by the Local Government of Wielkopolskie Voivodeship.
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