Paulina Wycichowska


photo Katarzyna Majewska

photo Katarzyna Majewska

Choreographer, lecturer, dance teacher, dancer, art therapist, Pilates core trainer, and the creator of I Mind the Step – a method of building body awareness and movement. A graduate of the Ballet School in Poznań, LCDS (University of Kent), UAM, WSUS and UM in Poznań, she holds a PhD from the UMFC in Warsaw. Associated with the Polish Dance Theatre for 17 years as a soloist and choreographer, she is currently an independent artist and lectures at the AWF and UM Poznań and the AM in Łódź.


TEART Festival (with Polish Dance Theatre)
2012, Minsk
DanceInversion Festival (with Polish Dance Theatre)
2011, Moscow
TanzArt Festival (with Tanztheater Goerlitz)
2010, Goerlitz
Werkstatt der Kulturen (with Polish Dance Theatre)
2009, Berlin
Point to Pointe ASEF project, visit and artistic collaboration with Ben Cabrera
2006, Baguio
‘Prometheusspuren’, a collaboration with Tarek Assam and Eric Oberdorff – Paulina Wycichowska with Tanztheater Giessen
2004, Giessen
LCDS at The Place Theatre
1998, London
LCDS at The Place Theatre
1998, London
LCDS at The Place Theatre
1997, London
LCDS at The Place Theatre
1996, London


Distinctinction from the City of Poznań for the Quarandance initiative
2020, Poznan
Artistic Grant from the Polish Ministry of Culture and National Heritage
2013, Warsaw
Young Poland Grant from the Polish Ministry of Culture and National Heritage
2011, Warsaw
City of Poznań Award for Young Artists
2001, Poznań



Paulina Wycichowska & Malwina Paszek


  • Paulina Wycichowska Choreographer
  • Malwina Paszek Composer
  • Aleksandr Prowalinski Set, costume and lighting designer

Performance synopsis

‘S!LENT’ is a symbolic journey through the life of a woman immersed in Slavic cultural inspiration. The performance is a poetic reflection on femininity and its attributes, on the search for inner wisdom and maturity, as well as a confrontation with the passage of time and the fear of aging and death. Traditional and contemporary motifs intertwine playfully. Dance, texts, singing and the playing of instruments create dance theatre set in an imaginary, fairytale-like world.

Duration60" Crew *7 Artists2
Premiere 2019-10-11, Poznań
Audienceeveryone (regardless of age)

* cast plus technical support

Promotional details
  • Production of the premiere: Art-On Foundation, supported by City of Poznań
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