Paulina Będkowska

We Are The Revolution

We Are The Revolution,
photo Michał Heller

We Are The Revolution
We Are The Revolution,
photo Michał Heller

Paulina is a young dancer and choreographer currently based in Portugal, where  she graduated from the school of dance arts Performact in 2020.
She is involved in a number of projects and productions, and trained by well-known choreographers, such as Iñaki Azpillaga, Ricardo Ambrozio, Isael Mata Cruz, Rakesh Sukesh, Julio Cesar Iglesias and Mate Meszaros.
As an artist, she reaches for undefined themes, which make it possible to open many doors. Her taste and creations are described as abstract.


Solo work residence at Junges Schauspielhaus
2021, Düsseldorf
Residence in cooperation with Untamed Productions and Ilu Association to prepare "We Are The Revolution"
2021, Torres Vedras
Production and presentation of the film "Under Construction" at the invitation of Câmara Municipal from the town of Torres Vedras
2021, Torres Vedras
Foundation and organisation of DO Festival in Gdańsk in cooperation with 'Collective Nest'
2021, Gdańsk
Dancing role in "Manifesto of the New Clubbing" choreographed by Catarina Texeira premiered at Teatro da Garagem, Lisbon
2020, Lisbon
Presentation of duet “Entete” choreographed and performed by Paulina Będkowska and Maxie Renaud-Cavanna at Multiplicidades Festival
2020, Santa Cruz
Invitation to present her own solo work "Safe Skin" at PAÇOS Gallery during photograph exhibition 121 in Time
2020, Torres Vedras
Residence in cooperation with Untamed Productions and Ilu Association to prepare "Fracas" choreographed by Chloe Beillevaire and Sabina Scarlat
2020, Torres Vedras
Presentation of solo "No, where" choreographed by Paulina Będkowska and Monika Małycha during Solo Duo Festival in Budapest
2019, Budapest
Dancing role in a dance show in collaboration with Art Color Ballet directed by Agnieszka Glinska at O2 Arena in London
2018, London


Prize at independent artists' performance competition organised by Przestrzenie Sztuki in Białystok for "We Are The Revolution"
2021, Białystok
Prize at dance theatre productions competition organised by Przestrzenie Sztuki in Katowice for "We Are The Revolution"
2021, Katowice
First Prize for solo „No, where” at Sfera Tańca Festival
2018, Bielsko Biała
Stage Personality Prize for „Sen, którego nie było” at 7th Festival of Small Artistic Forms
2018, Chorzów
Audience Prize for solo "No, where" at International Choreography Competition "3...2...1 dance!"
2018, Kraków
First Prize at Sfera Tańca Festival for duet "Spotkanie, którego nie było" performed and choreographed by Paulina Będkowska and Maria Pieńkus
2018, Bielsko Biała

We Are The Revolution


Collective Nest


  • Paulina Będkowska Choreographer
  • Paul Simon Playwright

Performance synopsis

Are we dreaming or is the wall for real? Are we shielded from the invisible hand of power? Is this screen our protection or does violence keep us behind bars? We broke out of the obsession with the ideals of freedom and living in the golden glow of the future - We awoke to a present that casts a shadow on us, follows our footsteps, makes us feel its breath on our necks. Principle for principle's sake, optimisation for better or for worse, a generation outgrowing itself, on oxygenless heights! Future is a battlefield!

Duration38" Crew *6 Artists5
Premiere 2021-05-27, Torres Vedras
Audienceeveryone (regardless of age)

* cast plus technical support

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