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Opera Nova Ballet

Zniewolony umysł

The Captive Mind,
photo Andrzej Makowski

Zniewolony umysł
The Captive Mind,
photo Andrzej Makowski

Opera Nova in Bydgoszcz is a modern music theater. Its repertoire embraces opera, operettas, musicals and ballet. Ballet has been present in the opera repertoire since its opening, and has included both classic titles like ‘The Nutcracker’, ‘Coppelia’ and ‘Romeo and Juliet’, as well as modern productions such as ‘Zniewolony Umysł’ (The Captive Mind), staged by prominent choreographers like Paul Chalmer, Jorma Elo and Robert Bondara.


Jan Kiepura Music Award – Best Dancer: Angelika Wojciechowska
2013, Warsaw
Jan Kiepura Music Award – Best Performance: ‘The Captive Mind’
2012, Warsaw
Jan Kiepura Music Award – Best Performance: ‘Pan Twardowski’
2008, Warsaw
Jan Kiepura Music Award – Best Dancer: Olga Karpowicz
2008, Warsaw

The Captive Mind


Opera Nova Ballet


  • Robert Bondara Choreographer
  • Diana Marszałek Set designer
  • Mariusz Napierała Costume designer
  • Maciej Igielski Light designer

Performance synopsis

Choreographer and scriptwriter Robert Bondara has created an original ballet based on the motives of ‘Zniewolony Umysł’ (The Captive Mind), one of Czeslaw Milosz’s most famous literary works. The show is about totalitarian systems that enslave people, taking away their freedom and dignity. Since its premiere in 2011, it has been one of the most acclaimed and moving Polish ballet performances of the last decade. The show is addressed to both adults and teenagers (ages 16+).

Duration110 " Crew *64 Artists39
Premiere 2011-03-19, Bydgoszcz

* cast plus technical support

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