Liwia Bargieł

Body Bank

Body Bank,
photo Marta Jarnuszkiewicz

Body Bank
Body Bank,
photo Marta Ankiersztejn

An honours graduate in Dance Theatre of the Trinity Laban Contemporary Dance Conservatoire in London, Liwia Bargieł works as a choreographer with many theatres in Poland (National Theater Warsaw, Music Theater Gdynia, Theater Ateneum Warsaw, Theater Chorea Łódź). She has directed two pieces for the National Academy of Dramatic Arts in Warsaw: ‘Illuminations’ and ‘Witzelsucht’. Her works have been presented in Poland, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Netherlands, Mexico, Italy and the Czech Republic.


Bakelit Multiart Center
2019, Budapest
Trinity Laban – Bite Size
2019, London
2019, London
Theater Divadlo x 10
2018, Praha


Aerowaves 40 Winks
2020, https://aerowaves.org

Body Bank


Liwia Bargieł


  • Liwia Bargieł Director/performer
  • Aleksander Kaźmierczak Composer/performer
  • Marta Jarnuszkiewicz Visual designer
  • Paulina Ozga Dramaturge

Performance synopsis

My body is my landscape, a bank of data, a private zone from inside out. It is also a complex machinery which works on its own. Others understand my experience only to the level of my expression. The audience is guided through the borders of different body spheres – macro scale: dynamic body in space, objective scale: body as a space and a set of related components, and micro scale: something that you cannot see. It is an abstract journey between organic layers, a collective line-crossing.

Duration35" Crew *5 Artists3
Premiere 2018-06-05, Prague

* cast plus technical support

Promotional details
  • Producer: Divadlo x 10 Praha
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