Krakowski Teatr Tańca

Krakow Dance Theatre (KDT), founded by Eryk Makohon in 2008, is one of the most active contemporary dance groups in Poland. Today, it is led by the artistic team of Eryk Makohon, Paweł Łyskawa and Magdalena Skowron. The leaders of KDT invite independent dancers to its artistic projects. Dozens of events presenting and popularising contemporary dance have been realized under the name of KDT. The Theatre has developed the basic pillars of its activity: artistic, educational and managerial.


Biennale of Young Artists from Europe and the Mediterranean

2008, Bari

International Solo Duo Dance Festival

2009, Budapest


-, 2018

‘MYIWY’ awarded Best Performance of the Best OFF! Independent Theatre Contest‘MYIWY’ awarded Best Performance of the Best OFF! Independent Theatre Contest


The Entrance


Krakow Dance Theatre


  • Ayrin ErsözChoreographer
  • Sergej MaingardtComposer
  • Grzegorz MartVideo
  • Eryk MakohonDancer
  • Paweł ŁyskawaDancer
  • Magdalena SkowronDancer
  • Pamela BosakDancer
  • Mateusz UlczokDancer

Performance synopsis

Touching on the topic of the refugee crisis, the artists ask: why haven’t we learned yet to bring in Others into our world? The problem of Others entering foreign societies resonates throughout history and is invariably current. ‘The Entrance’ explores the question of this timely issue, engaging artists from Poland, Turkey and Germany, and thus showing views on the same subject from three different perspectives – different social, economic, political and cultural contexts.

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Duration 55 " Crew * 8 Artists 5
Premiere 2019-10-26, Kraków
Audience wszyscy (niezależnie od wieku)
  • none

* cast plus technical support



Spektakl jest współorganizowany przez Instytut Muzyki i Tańca w ramach Programu „Zamówienia choreograficzne 2019"Spektakl współfinansowany ze środków Miasta KrakowaWspółorganizatorem spektakli premierowych jest Ośrodek Dokumentacji Sztuki Tadeusza Kantora Cricoteka.
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