Konin Dance Theatre

Usłane balonami

Strewn with Balloons,
photo Kamil Strajch

Usłane balonami
Strewn with Balloons,
photo Kamil Strajch

Konin Dance Theatre is an autonomous dance team specialising in contemporary dance techniques and using improvisation in the creation process.
Konin Dance Theatre puts emphasis on cooperating with a variety of cultural institutions (e.g. Youth Community Centre in Konin and Culture and Art Centre in Konin) in order to build a chain of centres promoting the art of dance in various environments through the presentation of performances, the organization of dance workshops, video presentations and performative activities not limited to theatrical spaces.


"Rhythm4inclussion" participation and presentation at International Dance Conference
2021, Viksjöfors
Cyprus Day
2021, Konin
Choreographers' Evening
2021, Konin

Strewn with Balloons


Konin Dance Theatre


  • Kinga Furmaniak Choreographer
  • Kajetan Pilarski Composer
  • Hubert Kulig Composer

Performance synopsis

“Strewn with Balloons” is a story about getting lost in the pursuit of the longed-for ‘paradise’. During the performance, the viewer will be able to look at the way an individual tries to find peace and joy in celebration of life. The performance aims at encouraging people to reflect on questions such as: What is the longed-for ‘paradise’ we are striving for? How to find it? Will we be happy there?

Duration45" Crew *16 Artists12
Premiere 2021-09-11, Konin
Audienceeveryone (regardless of age)

* cast plus technical support

Promotional details
  • Production: Konin Dance Theatre in cooperation with Culture and Art Centre in Konin and Youth Community Centre in Konin
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