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The Dance Company AWF Poznań

Myśl ucieleśniona

Embodied thought,
photo Piotr Bednarski

Myśl ucieleśniona
Embodied thought,
photo Piotr Bedliński

The Dance Company AWF Poznan is a contemporary dance group at the E. Piasecki Faculty of Physical Culture Sciences of the Academy of Physical Education in Poznań. It was established at The Dance Institute in 2016 by the artistic director and choreographer Agnieszka Doberska, MA. The company consists of invited students of the Dance department. In 2017, the company made its debut in the play ‘If I knew’, and in 2018, it produced the performance ‘Embodied thought’.


Polish Theatre in Poznań
2018, Poznań
First edition of Tama Contemporary Dance
2019, Poznań
Warsaw Dance Days
2019, Warsaw

Embodied thought


The Dance Company AWF Poznań


  • Agnieszka Doberska Choreographer
  • Katarzyna Leszek Dancer
  • Weronika Skórzewska Dancer
  • Nikolina Wrona Dancer
  • Marta Szostecka Dancer
  • Kinga Furmaniak Dancer
  • Joanna Kukiełka Dancer
  • Joanna Kuczora Dancer
  • Aleksandra Piasta Dancer
  • Oliwia Lech Dancer
  • Damian Drozd Dancer
  • Wojciech Furman Dancer
  • Bartek Dopytalski Dancer
  • Filip Hylewicz Dancer
  • Partyk Gorzkiewicz Dancer
  • Miłosz Tulewicz Lighting designer

Performance synopsis

The performance ‘Embodied thought’ is a philosophical journey of the mind in the body, both literally and figuratively. Quoting one of the modern Pythagoreans from the Greek island of Gavdos: ‘It is better to travel with someone. Then one says: let's go there, and the other says: no, let's go the other way. And when there is a third, he wants to go elsewhere. Finally, they don’t go anywhere, and instead they start talking. And here's a place for philosophy.’

Duration50" Crew *16 Artists14
Premiere 2018-06-12, Poznań
    loud music, strobe lights

* cast plus technical support

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