Klaudia Strzelczyk

 Don Kichot – miniatura

Don Quixote – miniature,
photo Jakub Gajek

 Don Kichot – miniatura
Don Quixote – miniature,
photo Jakub Gajek

The founder of the Le Pas School of Dance and Ballet, Klaudia Strzelczyk is a dancer, dance teacher, choreographer and dance-competition judge. She graduated from the General Ballet School in Poznań. She also graduated with a specialisation in ballet pedagogy from the Fryderyk Chopin University of Music in Warsaw. In July 2019, she completed a series of courses for dance teachers at the Royal Academy of Dance in London. Formerly of the Grand Theatre in Poznań and the Grand Theatre in Łódź, since 2020, she has run the MovementStorm Project.


Personality of the Year 2019
2020, -
First place at the International Young Dancers Competition in Gdańsk
2011, Gdańsk
Scholarship from the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage for Outstanding Artistic Achievements
2018, Warsaw

Don Quixote – miniature

 Don Kichot – miniatura
Don Quixote – miniature,
photo Jakub Gajek


Le Pas School of Dance and Ballet


  • Klaudia Strzelczyk Choreography
  • Ludwig Minkus music
  • Klaudia Strzelczyk Costiume design
  • Klaudia Strzelczyk Lighting designer

Performance synopsis

We focused not so much on the story of Don Quixote as on the values it brings. It is a story of great friendship and devotion and how much we can learn by traveling and learning new cultures. We tried to draw the universal from Cervantes‘ novel and translate it into the language of dance by means of movement. For example, we can see the mice and rats of 19th-century Madrid, the bustle of the market in Barcelona or the Flamenco fiesta in Seville Square. We invite you to enjoy the culture of Spain. This performance is dedicated to children.

Duration90" Crew * 60 Artists83
Premiere 2019-06-19, Gniezno

* cast plus technical support

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