Iza Szostak

Skaj is the Limit

Skaj Is the Limit,
photo Yulia Krivich, Iza Szostak

Skaj Is the Limit
Skaj Is the Limit,
photo Yulia Krivich, Iza Szostak

Iza Szostak is a dancer-choreographer. In her practice, she applies the perspective of new materialism as a tool allowing her to perceive matter as an active and instrumental force. Her choreographic works are often based on made-up systems which communicate the body through objects. She is a graduate of the Warsaw Ballet School and the Rotterdam Dance Academy in Holland. She has created the performances: ‘Excavatory Ballet’, ‘National Affairs’, ‘le journal secret’ and ‘Skaj Is the Limit’.


‘Exegesis’ – a live VR meditation (online showing) produced by Dream Adoption Society in cooperation with La MaMa Experimental Theatre Club and CultureHub
2020, New York, Warsaw
‘MOVING ISOLATION’ – a digital dance and music project realised through Anna Holter + Company
2020, San Francisco, Stockholm, Warsaw, Copenhagen, Porto, Düsseldorf, Essen, Berlin, Vienna, Montpellier, Tokyo
Residency at Alte Rumfabrik
2019, Basel
‘WannaBe’ at Studio Hrdinu, Visegrad Scholarship, residency and work in progress
2018, Prague
The International Theater Festival, Fest(in) on the Boulevard
2018, Bucharest
The Festival of Polish Dance in San Sebastian
2016, San Sebastian
Festival NORMA
2016, Ostrava
‘600 steps’ interdisciplinary project in collaboration with the Taldans collective
2014, Istanbul, Warsaw
Residency (studio visit) at Pingerii, Westfjords – presentation of ‘Visitors’ at the Reykjavik Dance Festival, Body/Mind Festival
2014, Pingerii, Reykjavik, Warsaw


Art House Residency Programme
2020, Warsaw
Choreographic residency at the Ujazdowski Castle Centre for Contemporary Art in cooperation with the Institute of Music and Dance
2019, Warsaw
Visegrad Scholarship implemented in cooperation with Studio Hrdinu
2018, Prague
SPAZIO international platform for young choreographers
2013, Amsterdam, Poznań, Zagreb, Basano del Grappa
Body.Child.Object artistic residency as part of Modul-Dance – Carte Blanche, DeVIR / CAPa, Portugal
2013, Faro
Artistic Scholarship of The Ministry of Culture and National Heritage
2012, Warsaw

Skaj Is the Limit


Iza Szostak


  • Iza Szostak Concept, choreography, performance
  • Karolina Mełnicka Concept, set, costumes, graphics
  • Anka Herbut Dramaturgy and text
  • Kuba Słomkowski Music and lyrics
  • Gilberto Bautista Ortiz Music/featuring
  • Kamil Balicki Performance
  • Tatiana Dziewanowska Performance
  • Dominik Skrzypkowski Curator

Performance synopsis

Transformation is a transition stage, when the previous system no longer works and the new one has yet to be fully implemented. The social, political and physical body are all being transformed. Iza Szostak has designed a non-normative reality, in which objects choose to exist outside the reproductive time of heteronormativity. The performance queers the transformation archive, validates failure and weakness, taking the viewpoint of fake luxury goods – ever-present, living witnesses to history.

Duration50 " Crew *7 Artists5
Premiere 2019-11-30, Warsaw
    violence, loud music, mature language

* cast plus technical support

Promotional details
  • The presentation was part of the Choreography Residences programme in Ujazdowski Castle 2019, carried out in collaboration with the Institute of Music and Dance.
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