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Natalia Iwaniec / Iwona Olszowska

Naiwny Rekreacyjny Taniec

Naive Recreative Dance,
photo Jakub Witchen

Naiwny Rekreacyjny Taniec
Naive Recreative Dance,
photo Alex Rault

Iwona Olszowska is a dancer, choreographer, improviser and a faculty member at the Music Academy in Łódź, as well as a Somatic Movement Educator in Body Mind Centering.

Natalia Iwaniec is a dancer, choreographer and a certified teacher of GAGA.


Carte Blanche Company – Somatic Warmups for Dancers
2019, Bergen
Cirque Platform
2019, Tibilisi
DAB Dance Across Borders
2017, Gothenburg
Art Nastup
2013, Lviv
Moldavia Dance festival
2011, Chișinău
Almada Dance Festival
2008, Lisbon
Open Look Festival
2001, St Petersburg
Maida Withers
2000, Washington, DC
Dartington College of Arts
1999, Dartington
Risa Jaroslow & Dancers
1989, New York


Dance Zone at the Barakh Theatre
2015, Kraków

Naive Recreative Dance


Natalia Iwaniec / Iwona Olszowska


  • Natalia Iwaniec Dancer, choreographer
  • Iwona Olszowska Dancer, choreographer
  • Marcin Janus Composer, musician

Performance synopsis

Inspired by and improvised on the basis of GAGA movement. Hot improvisation. For those who were on vacation... or will be. For those who went on vacation, those who are planning one, and those who dream of vacation. Concept: Iwona Olszowska & Natalia Iwaniec Dance impro structure : Natalia Iwaniec & Iwona Olszowska Music: Marcin Janus Premiere: 8th August 2014 Barakh Theatre

Duration45" Crew *5 Artists3
Premiere 2014-08-08, Kraków
Audienceeveryone (regardless of age)

* cast plus technical support

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