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Afterhuman Afterparty

Afterhuman Afterparty,
photo Rafael Dominik

Afterhuman Afterparty
Afterhuman Afterparty,
photo Rafael Dominik

Hashimotowiksa is a performance duo which arose from the need to create a common space for the relationship between contemporary dance, fashion and clubbing culture. One of its main inspirations is the acceleration of civilisation and its consequences for humanity. With their work, they want to counteract the imperfections of the body and the pressure they feel from the modern world, while drawing inspiration from these aspects of life and expressing it in a bodily language.


Audioriver Festival
2019, Plock
Tauron New Music Festival
2018, Katowice
Atelier Festival of Polish Dance Theatre
2015, Poznań

Afterhuman Afterparty

Afterhuman Afterparty
Afterhuman Afterparty,
photo Maciej Podgórski


Hashimotowiksa x Manoid


  • Magdalena Koryntczyk Text and direction
  • Manoid Music and concept
  • .wju Visual artist
  • Mariusz Zaniewski Voiceover
  • Aleksander Prowaliński Lighting designer
  • RAG Costume designer
  • makemake Video
  • Hashimotowiksa Dance and choreography
  • Marta Madej Masks
  • Proto-model 3D models

Performance synopsis

‘Afterhuman Afterparty’ is a message in a time capsule. Polaroids from humanity’s last party. We want you to know that we were here, that we loved, we believed in goodness and truth, in the beauty of a foil bag dancing in the wind. We danced and laughed. Till the last moment. It's afterparty, but we're doing it now, while we're here, while there's still someone to dance. Over and out.

Duration60" Crew *6 Artists3
Premiere 2019-07-26, Płock
    noise, loud music, strobe lights

* cast plus technical support

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