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h.art company

de light

de light,
photo Bartek Zalewski

de light
de light,
photo Bartek Zalewski

h.art company is a dance company established by Artur Grabarczyk in 2018. The mission of h.art company includes producing, sharing and promoting high quality dance works within Poland and beyond, as well as multidisciplinary collaborations with artists, dance education, international cooperation and other actions for good of the dance community. Its repertoire includes works such as "de light", "Mist", "Chrome Paradise" and "Ravnfjær" by Artur Grabarczyk.


Lublin Dance Theatre / Lublin Centre of Culture
2022, Lublin
Theatre and Dance Centre
2021, Warsaw
Żak Club / Gdańsk Dance Festival
2021, Gdańsk
Gdańsk Shakespeare Theatre
2021, Gdańsk
IMKA Theatre
2019, Warsaw
Rondo Theatre
2018, Słupsk
Zawirowania Dance Theatre
2018, Warsaw
Sfera Ruchu
2018, Toruń
Kielce Dance Theatre
2018, Kielce


Performance Presentation Award in Lublin Culture Centre
2022, Lublin
Klub Żak Residency Award / Gdańsk Dance Festival
2021, Gdańsk
Creation Award in Gdańsk Shakespeare Theatre / Shakespeare Festival in Gdańsk
2021, Gdańsk
Three Main Prizes at the IV Dance Theatre Contest in Kielce
2018, Kielce

de light


h.art company


  • Artur Grabarczyk Choreography
  • Wiktor Freifeld Sound & Visual Composition
  • Katarzyna Ustowska Dance
  • Róża Kołoda Dance
  • Kamil Wawrzuta Dance
  • Artur Grabarczyk Dance

Performance synopsis

de light explores the interdependence of light and space through choreography. Working with the geometry of light, space and movement an abstract form of vivid imagery is built - full of compositional tensions, colors, shapes and moods corresponding to specific tasks. The performance is a reflection on our role and place in reality.

Duration60" Crew *6 Artists4
Premiere 2021-08-20, Gdańsk
Audienceeveryone (regardless of age)
    loud music, strobe lights, direct physical contact with audience members

* cast plus technical support

Promotional details
  • The performance was realised as part of the Residency/Premiere programme at the XIII Gdańsk Dance Festival organised by Klub Żak in Gdańsk.
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