Fundacja Teatr Theatre collaborates with many dancers, inviting other groups of creators to each of its projects. The performances are created with various dance and movement techniques. The theatre’s purpose is to study the possibilities of the human body by improvising, working with psychokinetic visualisations and developing body awareness.


TRANS/MISJE International Festival of Arts

2019, Košice

International Theatre Festival Retroperspektywy

2019, Łódź

The Rise of Eastern Culture Festival – European Cultural Stadium

2019, Rzeszów

TRANS/MISJE International Festival of Arts

2018, Rzeszów

The Rise of Eastern Culture Festival – European Cultural Stadium

2018, Rzeszów

Movement Zone Festival

2017, Toruń

National Contemporary Dance Festival

2016, Mielec

I Drawa Dance Presentations

2016, Drawsko Pomorskie

Sources of Memory: Szajna-Grotowski-Kantor Festival

2016, Rzeszów



Finals of the The Best OFF CompetitionFinals of the The Best OFF Competition

Drawsko Pomorskie, 2016

Best Choreography – I Drawa Dance PresentationsBest Choreography – I Drawa Dance Presentations



Company Theatre Foundation


  • Marta BuryChoreographer
  • Maciej MaciaszekComposer
  • Marta OżógSet designer
  • Piotr KarpSet designer
  • Joanna Jaworska-MaciaszekDancer
  • Natalia DingesDancer
  • Krystian ŁysońDancer
  • Piotr StanekDancer

Performance synopsis

SMASH is a dynamic image, an exploration of the possibilities of transferring expansive body motor skills into the sphere of art. The examined body is red, crimson, carmine, claret, burgundy in colour. We will see bodies awakened to violence, intensity, vibrations in a rapid, narrative movement. Here, the body is fleshy, thick and juicy. The dancers are continuously tense, strained, uncontrollable, noisy. Momentum, collision, slash, fall, jump, crash, crack, boom, SMASH

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Duration 55 " Crew * 7 Artists 4
Premiere 2019-11-15, Rzeszów
Audience dorośli
  • none

* cast plus technical support



dofinansowano z budżetu Gminy Miasto Rzeszówprodukcja: Fundacja Teatr
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