B'cause Dance Company

Homesick | Sick Home

Homesick | Sick Home,
photo Michał Moryl, Fundacja B'cause

Homesick | Sick Home
Homesick | Sick Home,
photo Michał Moryl, Fundacja B'cause

B’cause Dance Company is a Polish dance company established in 2018. Our mission is to create performances on the highest level of dance and art, exploring themes which are current, important and worth commenting upon. Our inaugural performance was ‘Homesick | Sick Home’, which we presented in Poland and abroad. This was followed by performances of ‘Faceless | Less Face’. This year, we will premiere two new productions.


Performance in Odin Teatret in Holstebro
2019, Holstbero

Homesick | Sick Home


B'cause Dance Company


  • Bartek Woszczyński Choreographer
  • Simone Donati Composer
  • Giulio Donati Composer
  • Artur Wytrykus Lighting design
  • Joanna Woszczyńska Costume design

Performance synopsis

The performance ‘Homesick | Sick Home’ is an invitation to contemplation on issues regarding refugees, immigrants and multiculturalism. It is an attempt to depict these issues through dance, which is a sincere and primary means of expression. Perhaps, in the moment, when we are less overwhelmed by a mass of information, we can we look at these subjects from a variety of perspectives.

Duration60" Crew *7 Artists5
Premiere 2018-10-30, Warsaw
Audienceeveryone (regardless of age)
    loud music, strobe lights

* cast plus technical support

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