Dorota Michalak

robienie rzeczy przed innymi

Doing things in front of others,
photo Miri Chekhanovich

robienie rzeczy przed innymi
Doing things in front of others,
photo Kimura Byol

Dance artist, cultural worker; born in Konin, 1992; graduate of Tanz, Kontext, Choreographie (HZT/Berlin) and Central European Studies, Intercultural Communication (UAM/Poznań). Dorota’s work unfolds around materiality, physical practice and processes of creating meaning; it is put in motion by the intermingling of physical conditions, embodied knowledge and abstract concepts. To place it in theoretical discourse: rooted in queer phenomenology, new materialism and critical semiotic approaches.


2019, Montreal
2019, Montreal
White Wall Studio
2019, Montreal
Isabelle Schad
2019, Essen
Magdalena Meindl
2019, Berlin
Xarkis Festival Residency
2018, Koilani
Dance in Response Festival
2017, Hamburg
Seven States of Matter Collective
2017, Berlin
Forough Fami
2017, Berlin
Attack the space
2016, Caen


DanceWEB Scholarship
2020, Vienna
2019, Berlin
‘Młoda Polska’ Scholarship from the Polish Ministry of Culture and National Heritage
2018, Warsaw
Alternative Dance Academy Scholarship from the Art Stations Foundation by Grażyna Kulczyk
2015, Poznań

Doing things in front of others


Dorota Michalak


  • Dorota Michalak Concept, choreography & performance
  • Borys Słowikowski Choreography & performance
  • Lena Czerniawska Choreography & performance
  • Burdock Jenkins-Crumb Choreography & performance
  • Miri Chekhanovich Choreography & performance

Performance synopsis

A performance based on the fragility of improvisation and (impersonal) affect which becomes a common ground for everyone engaged in the situation – both dancers and spectators. Stretching time, careful navigation of the gaze, following the inner dance of attention – this sets in motion a cascade of co-incidences that make space for various feelings and fabulations to arise. The performance has been developed together with the practice of ‘working with the obvious'.

Duration30" Crew *7 Artists5
Premiere 2019-02-09, Berlin
Audienceeveryone (regardless of age)

* cast plus technical support

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  • Supported by the HZT Berlin
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