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Sticky Fingers Club

Sticky Fingers Club

Sticky Fingers Club,
photo Dominik Więcek

Sticky Fingers Club
Sticky Fingers Club,
photo Daniel Frymark

Sticky Fingers Club is a group of graduates of the Department of Dance Theatre at the PWST State College of Acting in Kraków established to create a performance. Its members are Daniela Komędera-Miśkiewicz, Dominika Wiak, Dominik Więcek and Monika Witkowska. Working in an atmosphere of mutual support and non-hierarchical cooperation, we have created a performance about lack of success, in which the characters on stage, facing constant defeat, create a space for celebration where they appear as the biggest stars.


Gdańsk Dance Festival
2020, Gdańsk
24th International Meetings of Dance Theatres in Lublin
2020, Lublin
Kraków Dance Festival
2021, Kraków
OFF Counterpoint Festival
2021, Szczecin


Zygmunt Duczyński Award at the 55th Presentation of Small Form Theatres KONTRAPUNKT 2021 in Szczecin
2020, Szczecin

Sticky Fingers Club


Sticky Fingers Club


  • Daniela Komędera-Miśkiewicz Concept, choreography, performance
  • Dominika Wiak Concept, choreography, performance
  • Dominik Więcek Concept, choreography, performance
  • Monika Witkowska Concept, choreography, performance
  • Konrad Kurowski Dramaturgic support
  • Krystian Koźbiał Lighting director
  • Przemek Degórski Music
  • Krystian Szymczak, Edward Kuzmich, Roman Marchewka Costumes

Performance synopsis

I almost got flowers and I almost know what the champagne tasted like. I mistook the brake for the accelerator. I am the first to miss the podium. I've overtaken all those who are left behind me. I almost have a reason to be proud of myself. I got lost in the same place again. I almost got a standing ovation.

Duration60" Crew *6 Artists4
Premiere 2020-09-03, Gdańsk
Audienceeveryone (regardless of age)

* cast plus technical support

Promotional details
  • The performance was created as part of the "Spaces of Art" programme financed by the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage and organised by the National Institute of Music and Dance and the Zbigniew Raszewski Theatre Institute. In Lublin the project is realised by the Lublin Cultural Centre. 
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