Lublin Dance Theatre


photo Maciek Rukasz

photo Maciek Rukasz

Lublin Dance Theatre was founded in 2001 by Hanna Strzemiecka, who became the company’s long-standing choreographer and artistic director, together with Anna Żak, Ryszard Kalinowski and Wojciech Kaproń, who were her dancers at that time. Over the years, it has worked out a unique style recognsed in Poland and abroad, becoming a leading Polish dance theatre. Today, the group is a professional dance theatre based in the Centre for Culture in Lublin.




Lublin Dance Theatre


  • Joseph Alter Choreographer/director
  • Ryszard Kalinowski Dancer
  • Beata Mysiak Dancer
  • Anna Żak Dancer
  • Mikołaj Karczewski Dancer
  • Daniela Komędera-Miśkiewicz Dancer
  • Aleksander Kościów Music/composer
  • Craig Wolf Lighting design
  • Igor Szulc Sound production and performance
  • Anna Kalita Producer
  • Konrad Kurowski Producer

Performance synopsis

This piece begins and ends with the idea that all things are in relation to all other things. This keeps them in a state of immediacy, of being in ‘relationship’ to the unfolding of relationships. While the dancers know ‘what’ will happen, they often must determine the when, where and with whom of that ‘what’. To constantly be in the question of: ‘what is happening, and how am I affecting it and being affected by it?‘

Duration52" Crew *8 Artists5
Premiere 2019-11-12, Lublin
Audienceeveryone (regardless of age)

* cast plus technical support

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