A graduate of the the Ludwik Solski State Drama School in Kraków, Joanna Chułek received the Silesian Marshal of the Silesian Voivodeship Golden Mask for Choreography for the performance ‘Heimsuchung’. She is fascinated by Polish folklore, especially the culture of the Żywiec and Podhale regions. She directed and choreographed ‘1725 Metres Above Sea Level’, inspired by the culture of the Żywiec Beskids. In this performance, she combines elements of traditional regional dances with modern dance.




1725 m.a.s.l.




  • Bartłomiej MieszczakActor
  • Joanna ChułekDirector, actress
  • Katarzyna PawłowskaActress
  • Jakub KruczekActor
  • Anna Meyer-LutersActress
  • Zbigniew MichałekMusician – violin, VOŁOSI group
  • Krzysztof LasońMusician – violin, VOŁOSI group
  • Stanisław Lasoń LasońMusician – cello, VOŁOSI group
  • Jan KaczmarzykMusician – viola, gajdy (bagpipe), VOŁOSI group
  • Robert WaszutMusician – double bass, VOŁOSI group
  • Paweł MurlikLighting director
  • Paweł MurlikLighting director
  • Oscar MafaActor

Performance synopsis

‘1725 m above sea level’ presents a unique image of rich mountain folklore in completely non-stereotypical way. The creators of the show draw from the tradition and the cultural background of Żywiec region. Thanks to this, they are able to deepen the identity of ‘mountain people’, but as we might suppose, they do so in completely different way – through a form of dialogue in the medium of modern dance theatre. The discussion in based on present state of traditions and their future.

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Duration 50 " Crew * 13 Artists 11
Premiere 2016-10-16, Bytom
Audience wszyscy (niezależnie od wieku)
  • none

* cast plus technical support



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